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Family Protection

Reason Safer Web allows you to easily filter your Internet content so you'll be protected from cyber threats and privacy trackers, and in control of the content your children are exposed to.

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Protection Layers

Blocking Ads and Data Trackers

Almost every action we perform on our devices or online is
being tracked by advertisers and native trackers, which gives
them access to our personal info.

Reason Safer Web blocks ads and trackers from accesing this
data, keeping it safe and private.

Your whole device is protected, so no need for extensions and
additional applications. We do it all from one single app.

Protecting your loved ones

Nowadays, our children are exposed to many risks and explicit
content online - on social networks, YouTube, Google search,
and so on.

With Reason Safer Web, we can easily filter out explicit content
and limit access to a variety of commonly used apps and

It blocks tracking not only by browsers but also by all apps
installed on your device.

Securing your devices

Malware and phishing attackers use innocent looking websites
to distribute themselves and attack us.

Reason Safer Web uses a variety of threat-inteligence and
behavioral analysis tools to block domains associated with
malware and phishing and protect your devices.

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Filtering Children's Online Content Has Never
Been so Important

Sexual Content

70.9% of tweens and 87.9% of teensencountered nudity or content of a
sexual nature.


70.0% of tweens and 91.1% of teensengaged in conversations
surrounding drugs/alcohol.


88.5% of tweens and 94.1% of teensexpressed or experienced violent
subject matter/thoughts.

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30-day money back guarantee