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Protection layers

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Reason Essential

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Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware Scan

Identifies viruses and other threats using a scanner powered by a library of threats.

Real-time Protection

Protection against new threats in real-time, without slowing down your PC.

Threat Removal

Eliminate malware and other cyber threats, so your security and privacy are secured.

Ransomware Protection

Stop numerous methods of ransomware files as well as the encryption of data.

Unwanted Software Blocker

Blocks unwanted bundled software that can go from annoying to dangerous.

Secure Browsing

Protects from browsing to malicious URLs and provides a safe web search experience.

Webcam Protection

Block unauthorized programs from accessing your webcam and spying on you.

Microphone Protection

Protect your privacy while talking to your virtual assistants or friends and family.

Should I Remove It?

Keep your computer safe from malicious programs including adware, toolbars, bloatware, crapware and more.

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