The Best Protection for Your Digital Privacy

Privacy threats are powerful, you need a powerful antivirus to prevent them. That’s where Reason steps in: a next-generation antivirus that Protects not only your digital devices, but also your privacy.

The most powerful cyber protection for your privacy

Cybersecurity experts not only trust Reason, they built it. So you can browse, shop, play and share on any of your digital devices with confidence.

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Reason Essential

The essential, easy to use antivirus and privacy protection solution every internet user must have.

Reason Premium

Our most advanced proactive protection against all emerging threats, including ransomware, spyware and identity theft.


Online privacy attackers are innovative and relentless. So is Reason

Watch real time threats around the world stopped by Reason


We keep up with new and emerging online privacy threats so you don’t have to

Does ‘malware’ sound like gibberish to you?
Does ‘ransomware’ give you the chills?
No worries. We’ve got your back.
Visit Reason Security Center to stay on top of the latest threats.

Expert Reviews

“There's much to like about Reason's offering. Reason is one of the select security solutions that currently provide webcam and microphone protection.”
“The privacy-focused protection features that Reason provides makes it a fitting solution for modern day computing. For its price, it's definitely a solution worth considering.”
“If you’re worried about hackers spying on your private moments, then Reason may be the antivirus for you. Reason provides protection against camera and microphone hacking.”

The typical antivirus protects your digital devices. Reason also protects you