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Reason Essential detects and removes viruses, malware, PUPs and other emerging cyber threats, FOR FREE.

Here are just a few reasons why you need Reason to secure your digital life

Reason Essential is the product of 20 years of industry leadership in cybersecurity. Its powerful features protect your data, privacy and PC 24/7.

The Interface

It is becoming increasingly more common for hackers, ransomware and even businesses and apps to “spy” on you by using your webcam. Reason camera protection stops them from invading your most private and intimate moments.

The Engine

Every good AV is defined by its engines and Reason's is one of the strongest engines in the AV industry. Maintaining and continuously updating a library of millions of suspected malicious files, Reason delivers fast, robust and comprehensive protection to our users.

Real-time Protection

Anytime, anywhere - if you’ve got a PC, we’re ready to protect it. You can surf the web, go through your emails, stream or download programs securely. Reason Essential will be there to protect you from malicious software and hackers.

Community-Driven Database

Reason's users play an important role in creating a more secured internet. When you scan your computer and report malicious files found on your PC, you’re contributing to our database of malicious files. The bigger our database, the more we can defend against - and you get to help make the internet a safer place.

Don’t worry,
Reason’s got your back

System requirements and specifications

A PC with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 256 MB RAM or more, and 0.5 GB of hard disk free space.

Searching the web is now safer than ever!

When you have Reason Essential, you have more than just a leading-edge privacy and Cybersecurity solution. You have the confidence to be active online because you can be sure that Reason has you covered.

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